We will be offering 3 camps and 1 Clinic at the Toyota Sports Center for this year 2009

Weekend camp

Sat. May 2nd and Sun. May 3rd, 2009

  • For this weekend camp we bring David Franco in to help instruct as well. David Franco is the official goalie coach of both Curtis Joesph(Over 400 Wins in the NHL) and Jamie Storr(4th over all in games played in Kings History and 2nd over all in Shutouts)
  • David Franco along with his brother Marco run the Franco Canadian Goalie School in Toronto Canada. I feel it is important to surround your self with quality goalie minds like the Franco's to maximize our goalie's learning. David is one if the best I have seen in working on the Technical Part of the game( skating edges, proper leg recovery, slides)

Pre Try-out Clinic:

Tuesday May 26th and Wednesday May 27th, 2009

We are running this pre-tryout clinic for goalies of all ages and experience. We wanted to have a 2 day camp before the tryout's the following weekend and it also give's all of our goalie's a chance to sharpen there skills and train in a goalie environment where every drill is catered toward making them more technically strong as well as teaching proper fundamentals giving our goalie's a strong foundation to build off of.

Week Camp Monday July 13th through Friday July 17 2009

I wanted to have a week camp for the goalies that are between the ages of 12 and up that have experience of A, AA or AAA. It will be one hour of ice each night. I know that when goalies reach the ages 14 and older that they feel out of place at goalie schools, that's why I want to have a week of ice for the goalies to come out and get good training that will help them sharpen there skills.

July 20th - 24th, 2009 Week Camp

Andy Nowicki will be joining us for the week long camp in July. He was my goalie coach with the King's for 5 years and is currently with the Red Deer Rebels in the WHL. He is one of the best goalie minds I have worked with and brings a strong knowledge of the game. Andy was the first one to teach me that the best goalie coach you will ever meet is yourself. You continue learning the game as you play and as long as you continue learning you will get stronger mentally and we all know how the game is qouted as being 90% mental and 10% physical. I think as you get further into your career as a goalie you will find that all the goalie's at your level are of very similar talent. The one's that seperate themselves from the pact are the one's that are mentally strong. Andy is a coach that helped me work on my mental toughness and really helped me become more of a student of the game. We are happy to have him be a part of our week camp at the Toyota Sports Center.

Colorado Summer Camp 2009

Valencia Clinic to be announced for Summer of 2009!