Private Lessons

Private on ice lesson's

I run my private lesson's both on the ice and off the ice. My on ice lesson's are split between stick time private lessons and weekly clinic's.

Since I have just retired from playing professional hockey I will be running my private lesson's and goalie range all year long. I have just been hired by the Jr. King's to be there head goalie coach so my stick time's will be at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo.

A stick time private lesson is where I can take up to 6 goalie's max for the hour.

A Clinic is where I rent the ice for the hour and we can take up to 24 goalie's max per clinic, it is run like a mini camp where I have station's with goalie instructor's and shooter's at each station and we also use the puck machine at one station. For more info on the stick time private lesson's or the weekly clinic's you can call me at 310-254-4469 or email me at

The weekly clinic's for June at the TSC are posted on the Weekend Camps and Clinic page of this website.

The goalie range

The goalie range is where I have 500 feet of synthetic ice and the goalie's wear full equipment including skates. I use the puck machine and train the goalie's one on one. The session's are 45 minute's each, why the puck machine is so effective in training the goalie's is it allows us to focus on specific movement's with each goalie and work on that movement over and over to get the best results in the goalie not only getting faster (reflexes) but also in making and creating good habit's from there stance to there positioning of there hands from standing up to there down mode. We also work on there save selection, (butterfly, leg extension save's, glove and blocker etc...) It is like a driving range for goalie's and in one session the goalie's face between 200 to 400 shots. The puck machine is also very accurate and we can adjust it's speed from 10 mph to 100 mph. I used a puck machine growing up with my father in our basement and I felt it helped me in having a edge on getting a solid foundation, from my glove positioning to controlling rebounds better and of course my conditioning. To book a range session you just call 310-254-4469 or email me a time and date that works for you and we can get your goalie training on the puck machine.