Registration Form 2009 | JAMIE STORR GOALIE SCHOOL INC.

Registration forms for Summer camps must be accompanied by a deposit for half of the total cost and a Post dated cheque for the balance, dated April 20th, 2009 (for the May 2nd-3rd, 2009 camp) and dated June 15th, 2009 (for the July 20th-24th, 2009 camp.)

Complete payment must be submitted for any camp to be confirmed. No Refunds will be given for Cancellations. Cancellations for medical reasons only will be credited to future camps. There will be no negotiated fees for arriving late, leaving early or missed days. Conduct- If a student is not behaving appropriately, we reserve the right to send them home. There is a $30.00 administration charge for all NSF cheques-Any cancellations must be notified 10 days prior to camp.

Any photographs and video are the property of the Jamie Storr Goalie School Inc. As such Jamie Storr Goalie School reserve the right to use any images for brochures, flyers, web pages, or other promotion of their school.

Please make cheques payable to:
Jamie Storr Goalie School Inc.

Mailing Address:
Jamie Storr Goalie School, Inc.
C/O Gregg Main
650 N Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90049